Acupuncture is a part of Traditional Chinese Medicine for prevention and treatment of diseases. Using thin needles through your skin, you stimulate so called acupuncture points and meridians thereby enhancing the Qi energy and blood circulation.  The points are also called acupoints and they are situated along the meridians in the body. Not only do these points reflect disorders in the body, but by stimulating them with acupuncture you can help the body to heal itself. The points are spread out along the meridians, that in turn are connected to specific  organs in the body.

So by stimulating an acupoint, you can stimulate the corresponding organ. By using needles you can effect the receiver and emittance of qi as well as spreading of qi. It is the sensation you feel from a needle that is the key to the therapeutic efficiency of acupuncture. The stimulation is transferred through the meridians to the diseased area and can regulate both deficiencies and excesses.

Acupuncture is a holistic treatment without any side effects and a wonderful way to care for your health and help you live a long life free from  diseases.

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